Topographic & Land Survey Design

Topographic & Land Survey Design

MapCom team has extensive experience and a proven track record supporting multiple
petroleum operators in the Kurdistan Region.

Survey Department owning modern and advanced survey equipment, also using latest versions of designing software, Surveying (ground control and utility surveys) has been an integral part of MapCom service team since the company was formed in 2006. The survey services that MapCom provides encompass all aspects of the survey profession., the general characteristics for survey works and any other specific survey works may the client require.

MapCom have extensive experience working in Kurdistan and Iraq for Local and multinational Oil & Gas companies. MapCom more recently undertaken the following similar activities, all has been performed in typical time and been approved by the clients

Top Six Topographic & Land Survey Design Projects

No.DateClientProject NameBlock/Location
1 2013-Current ExxonMobil Land Survey and Design of Construction Road & Oil Well Pad and Camp of all ExxonMobil blocks: Baashiqa, Alqush, Pirmam, Qarahanjer & Betwata Blocks KRG-Erbil, Duhuk, Kerkuk & Sulimaniah
2 2015-Current DNO Land survey and pre survey of all block in Tawke ,Baninan & Bastora, with calculate area of land, ownership of the all land used by DNO KRG-Erbil & Duhok
3 2010-Current Kar Group Survey and Design of 185 KM length main Kurdistan Pipe line to connecting CPS Khurmala Oil Field to Fishkabur Duhok KRG-Erbil & Duhok
4 2015 ElSewedy Cables Co. Land Survey of 5 Different Locations In Kurdistan/Iraq for Construction of Cable line of Power Sub-Stations 33KV & 132KV. In Erbil Airport, majidi mall, Grd Jutear, Duhok & Akra KRG-Erbil & Duhok
5 2014-2015 Zozik Co. Topographic Survey Services for Access Road, Well Pad and Camp sites & survey new water pipe line BM in Halabja and Sulimaniah SULAIMANY
6 2014-2015 NTi. USA Land survey in Tawke block new OPF Camps and Roads also survey new camp Syrian Deportees in Domiz camp KRG-Erbil & Duhok

To read a list of completed projects, please download the following link:

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