MapCom Company owns a Laboratory equipped with high quality precise and modern devices, all are from most internationally known brands which all are certified that their results are accurate, our lab equipment are periodically maintained and calibrated, also MapCom owns weather stations for monitoring, measuring and recording most of weather climate parameters. MapCom Lab capable of testing and analyzing most of environmental receptors such as and not limited;


MapCom will utilize an international laboratory with required certifications and accreditations to perform required sample analyses. Our team has developed and will utilized a sampling strategy and approach which has been proven successful in satisfying MNR, PSC needs and has also provided sufficient coverage and understanding to document baseline conditions under other EIAs completed by the MapCom Team.


We are analyzing water samples for physical, chemical, and biological parameters, we are able to analyze water samples for more than 21 parameters, some of them can be analyzed directly in the field using our mobile lab, and other parameters in our main lab.


In our main Lab we are analyzing soil samples for more than 14 parameters, some of them can be analyzed.


In our Lab we are analyzing gaseous pollutants for more than 15 parameters, some of them can be analyzed directly in the field using our mobile lab, and other parameters in our main lab.


In field Noise measurement using Noise Level Metre (Integrating and Logging Sound Level Meter)

Organizing Laboratory

We are organizing laboratory analysis for quality samples through our own field laboratory to be set up at the project site. We propose to carryout testing of water / effluent / soil samples / ecological samples at our central laboratory at Erbil and some tests to be done at Advance Ecological Laboratory at University of Salahaddin/ College of Science-Biology Department, however some analysis which can not be done in our region.


ALS Laboratory

MapCom has an established relationship with the international laboratory ALS based in Prague Czech Republic for the completion of environmental assessment projects, where necessary this laboratory will be used in contract fulfilment. ALS has the certifications and accreditations to perform analyses to an international standard.


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MapCom provides high quality Environmental, Topographic Land Survey, GIS services & Surveying Instruments in Iraq.

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